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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who are you callin' “SENIOR”??

    A: Folks who are 50 years of age or better - and wiser, more chill, and more fun!

  • Q: How fast do you ride?

    A: It's not about speed, it's about an enjoyable experience! Our riders average between 8 and 14 miles per hour, but our rides are self-paced ... we support you, not escort you - you ride at your own pace. On a typical ride with 13 participants, there is usually a group of 3-5 that goes out ahead, riding 14-16 or 17 mph, then a middle group of 6-8 that averages 12-14 mph, then an even more leisurely group of 3-4 -- along with the Senior Cycling tour "leader" who rides sweep (at the back of the group), that averages 9-10 mph. There are several stops, including lunch, in every riding day, whether the day's distance is 15 or 50 miles, so no one gets too far ahead or behind.

  • Q: What about E-bikes?

    A: We're a fan of E-Bikes because they can allow riders of different abilities (say, in a couple) to ride together, and can give someone confidence and security that they can handle the most difficult portions of any ride, or the distance involved in a ride they might not otherwise attempt.

    However, that fan-dom is tempered with a cautionary note: it is important that anyone using an E-bike is well experienced with it and confident riding it, mounting and dismounting, navigating different terrain including urban. We're wary of folks who may not have ridden a bike in a long time thinking they can sign up for a multi-day tour with 20+ mile routes as long as they have an E-bike. Many E-bikes are heavier than ordinary bikes and have different weight distribution, thus handle a bit differently, and can enable/cause someone to go faster than they are capable of doing safely. "Road-sense" and trail riding experience, especially in the company of a group, is also important.

    With that said, if you own one, your Class 1, pedal-assist-only E-bike is allowed on our HUB TOURS, and may well be able to be accommodated on other tours. We can accommodate 3-5 per tour, depending on their weight and configuration and our capacity. Please contact owner Ned Raynolds at or 603-365-1725 if you wish to bring your eBike on any other tour.

    Senior Cycling does not rent E-bikes (our current insurance does not allow it). However, subject to the cautionary note above, if you want to come on a tour and rent an E-bike, we will help you locate and facilitate your rental of one from a bike shop near the start of the tour -- meaning help with the logistics of pickup and drop-off, if necessary. We've done this in the past for folks on many of our tours.

    Senior Cycling only allows Class 1 "Pedal Assist Only" E-bikes on our tours - no throttle type E-bikes.

    (The three classes of E-Bikes are defined as follows:
    Class 1: eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph.
    Class 2: eBikes that also have a maximum speed of 20 mph, but are throttle-assisted.
    Class 3: eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph.)

  • Q: Maximum Group Size

    A: Our group size is rarely more than 13 riders, which is the capacity of our 15 passenger vans (including 2 tour leaders). Occasionally, on Hub Tours (where we stay in the same hotel/B&B all week), we can accommodate a few more, but never more than that.

    This allows us to give you personalized service, and the best tour experience possible.

  • Q: Tour Difficulty Ratings

    A: Riders should have good bike handling skills to participate on any of our tours. All of our tours are rated either intermediate or advanced. Please refer to the tour web page for more details about specific trips.

    Intermediate – While we mostly ride on bike paths and rail-trails, there may be some occasional road riding. Daily rides range between 15-35 miles.

    Advanced – Is just what it sounds like. These trips are geared toward cyclists who are at ease covering up to 50 miles per day, and are comfortable with road riding, traffic and hills.

  • Q: Included in Base Tour Price

    A: > Double occupancy accommodations
    > Meals and snacks as listed on each tour's web page
    > End of day social hour with light refreshments
    > SAG wagon support and cue sheet for all rides
    > Entry fees for side excursions included in your trip's itinerary

  • Q: What about Tipping?

    A: Although it is never required, tipping your tour leaders is always greatly appreciated. As workers in a service business, Tour Leaders very much appreciate tips as a recognition for their attentiveness, hustle, cheerfulness and sustained effort to attending to all the details, special requests and unexpected developments etc. involved in delivering an experience like a week-long bike tour. An appropriate amount could range from $20-50 per day per Tour Leader, from an individual or couple on the tour.

    Some past customers have let us know that while they would like to express their appreciation to their guides with a tip, they'd prefer to avoid the "unsavory last minute surreptitious handover of cash" that they've experienced with other mainstream cycling companies. Others are fine with simply handing an envelope with some cash or a check to their guides at some point. Upon request (which may be by text or email, or in person of course) our Tour Leaders are also happy to share their personal Venmo or Paypal account which provides an easy venue. We are also happy to accept a check mailed to Senior Cycling at our business address, 110 Aldrich Rd., Portsmouth NH 03801, and management will forward to the Tour Leader along with any personal notes or comments.

  • Q: Not Included in Base Tour Price

    A: > Single occupancy rooms (see below for supplements)
    > Bike rentals (see below for rates)
    > Alcoholic beverages at evening gatherings or included meals
    > Personal expenses
    > Tipping for your tour leaders, should you be so inclined
    > Transportation to and from the tour start and end points (see below for more “How to get there” info)

  • Q: Single Supplement

    A: The single supplement is for riders that are traveling alone and prefer a private room.

    If a single would prefer a roommate and one is available, we will try to match folks up.

    On some tours we stay in B&Bs where the bedrooms have only one bed. Folks unwilling to share a bed in these cases will be charged the single supplement for that night.
    (Amounts vary by lodging.)

  • Q: Bike Rental

    A: BIKE RENTALS = $150/tour
    Our bikes are Trek hybrids in a variety of sizes. We have step-through and regular frames
    Helmet, lock and rear bike bag is included with bike rental

  • Q: Tandems, Recumbents and Trikes

    A: Recumbents and trikes are only allowed on our HUB TOURS. If you have a tandem, please reach out to Ned to discuss -- we may be (and have in the past) able to accommodate a tandem, it just takes some planning)

  • Q: Deposit and Cancellation

    A: – A 50% deposit is required upon registration.
    – Final payment is due 60 days prior to the tour starting date.
    – All cancellations must be written.
    - A non-refundable 5% admin fee must be charged for all cancellations (the credit card processor takes 3.5% of your deposit)
    – We will refund 90% of the tour price when you cancel in writing 61-90 days prior to the tour starting date. No refund will be given for cancellations received 60 days or less before the tour starting date.
    – We will refund 100% of the tour price if we cancel a tour due to our failure to meet the minimum rider count. We will notify you within 30 days of the tour starting date.
    – We highly recommend that all riders purchase their own trip insurance (not included with tour price) to protect against unexpected emergencies. Please see the page covering this topic here on our website.

  • Q: How to Prepare for a Tour

    A: Spend lots of time in the saddle! We recommend you give yourself as much time as possible riding a bike before a tour begins -- there is no substitute. If you live in a part of the country where riding outside is unpleasant or dangerous for part of the year, consider having & using and indoor trainer for your bike, an exercise bike, or a gym membership where you can maintain or build your fitness in anticipation of a multi-day bike tour. And don't overlook flexibility, stretching -- one of the most underappreciated aspects of fitness, especially for seniors. You want to show up for a bike tour in good condition strength, endurance, and flexibility-wise -- for maximum enjoyment.

  • Q: Travel "To and From" Senior Cycling Tours

    A: You are responsible for your own travel to and from the tour event.

  • Q: Our Code of Conduct

    A: OK, we wish we didn’t have to say this, and it’s just common sense, but here is our code of conduct we require from all participants:

    Senior Cycling does not tolerate violence of any kind during our events. This includes physical and verbal harassment. Racist, sexist and/or threatening remarks during our events will not be tolerated and will result in the offender’s removal from the tour, and exclusion from participation in future tours with our company.