Senior Cycling

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission is clear: To offer active people over 50 an outdoor bicycling adventure in a beautiful location. We share our passion for bike touring with you through our fun, safe and relaxed bike tours.

  • Trusted

    Senior Cycling has been a hands-on owner-operated bike touring company for over 20 years.

  • Experienced

    Our tour leaders have thousands of combined hours in the saddle. We’ve been there, done that. Had the problem, fixed it. We know our stuff!

  • Personal

    Our groups are small—limited to 13 riders—to ensure superior personal service, safety and care.

  • Fun

    We strive to ensure each guest has a fun and enjoyable experience.

  • Comfortable

    Our SAG wagon is available at all times if you ever feel the need for a lift.

  • Safe

    We maintain cell phone contact with the SAG wagon at all times for added security. We find the safest routes and trails to ride and keep you informed of potential hazards.

  • Friendly

    Our tour leaders are down to earth, and create a welcoming environment for our participants.