Senior Cycling and the Coronavirus

Senior Cycling and COVID-19

We are “Fun Folks On Spokes” and your safety is our top priority while on a tour and we feel the same responsibility with the current Coronavirus situation. We are obtaining updates and monitoring how this will impact your travel experience. Check back to this page since we will continue to update this fluid situation.

At this date we are only running tours that we can run safely. Due to the rapidly evolving health situation, we will make a final decision whether or not to run them 8 weeks prior to each tour. 

NOTE: We are very happy that several vaccines are now approved for use. We encourage all of our participants to receive vaccinations prior to touring with us. From what we now know about the vaccine, this will enable us to safely run our tours again. Whew!

Updated Cancellation Policy for All Tours in 2021

Senior Cycling is planning to run all of our 2021 summer and fall trips. If we are unable to safely run your trip, it will be cancelled.

If Senior Cycling cancels your tour: You will receive a full 100% refund of your paid fees. 

If you are registered for any of our tours, and have not made your final payment, please refrain from doing so until we request it from you. Our due date is 60 days prior to the tour. 


For 2021 tours, our normal cancellation policy will be in effect. 

We will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and make changes that we deem necessary.


2021 Tours

  • GAP 1 June - tour is a go!
  • GAP 2 June - tour is a go!
  • Dayton Hub June - tour is a go!
  • Ohio Vagabond June - tour is a go!
  • Madison Hub 1 - tour is a go!
  • Madison Hub 2 - tour is a go!
  • Twin Cities Hub - tour is a go!
  • Champlain Islands - tour is a go!
  • Cape Cod - tour is a go!
  • Ohio Vagabond Sept - tour is a go!
  • GAP 1 Fall - tour is a go!
  • GAP 2 Fall - tour is a go!
  • Katy Trail - tour is a go!

If your tour is not listed, and you need to cancel, CLICK HERE for our standard cancellation page.

Roommate Connection Discontinued

In an effort to keep our riders safe during COVID 19 pandemic, we are temporarily discontinuing our "roommate wanted" option that have offered in the past. We feel that the risks outweigh the benefits at this time to share a room with an unknown, yet fellow cycling stranger. 

We know this means extra financial cost but feel the safety measures need to prevail. 

COVID Protocol

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