Senior Cycling and the Coronavirus - March 25, 2020

Will Senior Cycling Run All Tours?

We are “Fun Folks On Spokes” and your safety is our top priority while on a tour and we feel the same responsibility with the current Coronavirus situation. We are obtaining updates and monitoring how this will impact your travel experience. Check back to this page since we will continue to update this fluid situation.

At this date we are planning to run all of our scheduled tours, if possible. Due to the rapidly evolving health situation, we will make a final decision whether or not to run them 45 days prior to each tour. 


Updated Cancellation Policy for All Tours Prior to June 30, 2020

Six weeks (45 days) prior to each tour’s starting date, we will publish a decision on whether or not to run the tour. We will be contacting all registered riders to let them know if the tour is a GO or not. 

If Senior Cycling cancels your tour: You will receive a full 100% refund of your paid fees OR 110% of your paid fees as a Travel Credit for a 2021 Senior Cycling tour. 


For tours occurring May 10 through June 30, 2020, we have revised our cancellation policy by giving you two additional weeks to cancel a tour and still receive a refund. We are also waiving our $50 admin fee for this limited time period. We will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and make changes that we deem necessary.

Revised Policy

  • 45 Days or more prior to the tour: 100% refund OR 110% Travel Credit for a 2021 Senior Cycling tour.
  • Less than 45 Days before an operating tour: No refund will be given. 

45 Days Prior to Tour Starting Date:

  • Outer Banks: Cancelled 3/25
  • GAP: April 16
  • Michigan Trails: April 23
  • Wisconsin Trails: May 4
  • Upper Midwest Trails: May 11

Change My Reservation

Fill out the form below to change your reservation, by making a choice between our "Fun Folks Loyalty Incentive Tour Credit" or "Cancellation". 
Note: This applies only for tours prior to June 30, 2020. All other tours follow our standard cancellation policy.

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