Bike Tours

Tour Planning Checklist

Riders Are Required To Bring

  • Helmet (or rent one from us)
  • Signed Waiver (see last 2 pages of this document)
  • Bike in good condition (or rent one from us)
  • Spare tube – If the tube totally blows, you will be out of luck without a replacement tube. Even if you get a patchable flat, it is easier to simply put on a good tube and do any patching after the day’s ride is over. If you’re renting a bike from us, don’t worry about bringing a spare tube.
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Rack bag or small backpack. Trying to bungie stuff on a rack can be at the least annoying and at the worst dangerous. If you are renting a bike from us, we supply a bike pack for your bike.

Good To Have But Not Required

  • A bike pump and standard tools.
  • Even if you don’t know how to use them, chances are someone will come along who can help you. Of course, Mark always has a pump and tools with him, but it’s still nice to have your own.
  • A rear view mirror
  • A bike lock


We suggest you bring bicycle shorts to help prevent chafing. We know some people think that they look absolutely ridiculous in those tight fitting stretchy numbers, but if you haven’t tried them, we encourage you to do so. Yes, they are meant to be worn without underpants. We acknowledge the fact that there are people who bike forever with their own favorite shorts rather than bike shorts and they’re perfectly happy. For longer trips we suggest bringing 3 pairs of whatever shorts you choose so you can rinse them out a night and give them time to dry or save them up to do laundry mid trip. If there’s a chance that you will have chilly weather, include tights or long pants or leg warmers.

Bicycle jerseys. We like them because they tend to be more comfortable and wick the moisture away from your skin better than regular shirts. They also take up less room in your luggage than heavier t-shirts. But anything you are comfortable riding in is fine. Think about the weather possibilities when you decide whether you want long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves or a mix. Temperatures are often unpredictable, even in Florida.

Cycle gloves – without the fingertips if it’s warm, full gloves if it will be chilly.

A windbreaker

Rain gear. We know you can spend a lot of money and still find yourself soaked if it really rains – sometimes from the rain coming through the material and sometimes from the sweat inside it. But we still recommend some form of rain gear. Your rain jacket may also be your windbreaker.

Dress Code

Most nights you’ll likely want to shower and change before we gather for our social hour and dinner. We choose restaurants for their good food, and the dress code is always casual. Slacks and a shirt with a collar will get you in anywhere we go. Our trips are more about fun than fashion, so don’t fret about wearing something different each night. Mix-and-match is where it’s at if you’re into variety.

Luggage Size & Bag Limits

Our luggage size limit is 25” tall (longest dimension) with a combined linear measure including length, width, and depth of 54”. We cannot accommodate bags larger than the dimensions given. Luggage larger than measurements provided exceed our trailer capacity. Please measure your bags to be sure that you can meet these requirements. Maximum number of bags per rider is 2. (Plus a personal item such as a purse, camera case, or fanny pack) - Failure to follow these rules could result in your baggage being left at the hotel at your expense.

Be Mindful When Packing

Your luggage will be loaded and unloaded at each stop along our tour. This means you’ll be taking it to/from your room to our vehicle every evening/morning. You’ll likely want a main bag, and a smaller bag. Keeping immediate necessities in the smaller bag will allow you to carry less throughout the course of the trip. Packing this way is also to your advantage for those situations where you may encounter stairways to second floor guest rooms. Those of you who are flying to the tour might be required by your airline to pay an extra bag fee, but we personally believe its worth it’s weight to do so!